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Mechanical Maintenance: Be Ready for Winter! A Ford truck in snow and a mecanic changing tires

Mechanical Maintenance: Be Ready for Winter!

The first cool winds of autumn signify that the cold season is fast approaching. For any driver, this also means that they will have to contemplate installing winter tires. Without skipping over this required step, there are several additional things you can do to make your car ready for winter. Indeed, experience a serene winter by having your vehicle inspected and maintained before the arrival of snow and ice. 

Blainville Ford on the North Shore of Montreal near Laval, Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse and Saint-Jérôme will explain the advantages of pre-winter mechanical maintenance. 

Prevent Damage Rather than Having to Repair it 

While it is essential to install winter tires, it is just as essential to check their condition. They must be changed after a few years. You can try this yourself: Insert a 25-cent coin in a groove of the tire, the caribou facing it. If the piece does not go deeper than the tip of the animal's nose, the tire in question is too worn to last another winter. If in doubt or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Blainville Ford dealership: experienced technicians will be happy to answer you. 

It is also just as important to have the wheels aligned, which is not always done when fitting winter tires. This operation not only allows better control of the car, but also benefits your wallet. Indeed, the alignment of the tires prevents them from wearing out too quickly by deploying too much force on specific tires. And since the car will waste less energy to stay in control, it also means greater fuel savings. 

Technicians will also be able to ready your engine, including topping up your engine oil and making sure the fluids do not freeze. Checking the brake system will also ensure you have the safest ride possible. Indeed, what better time to suffer damage from brakes in poor condition than when the road is slippery or snowy? 

The electrical system, including the battery, alternator and starter, also benefits from being inspected and maintained as needed. Blainville Ford technicians will make a point of ensuring that your vehicle has all the power it needs to face the harsh season. A battery with a low energy level could therefore be charged or replaced. So no matter what the weather conditions, your vehicle will start efficiently and get you to your destination without any hassle.

Blainville Ford Has the Tools to Help You 

Your vehicle will benefit from having its inspections and maintenance measures performed by an experienced technician at your local Ford dealer. Indeed, each member of the team is trained according to the rigorous standards of the company and will know better than anyone what is good for your car. 

In addition, you will have the assurance that the parts and accessories that need to be changed will be of the highest quality. In fact, at Blainville Ford, no part that is not certified by the American manufacturer will enter your vehicle, which is an important guarantee of quality. Ford Certified Parts are engineered for the best reliability and durability, forming a perfect harmony at the heart of your vehicle. 

At your Ford dealership in Blainville, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s maintenance will be performed from A to Z in accordance with industry standards. No step forgotten or neglected, from the smallest part to the largest. No unnecessary repairs will be performed either. At Blainville Ford, you can place your trust in a seasoned team that will know what your car or truck needs to face winter. 

In short, it is without a doubt important to perform a complete inspection and a thorough maintenance of your Ford vehicle before winter. It is all the more important to have it done by the right people: experienced technicians

At Blainville Ford, enjoy the best service in all departments, whether it's sales or service and parts. An expert team is ready to welcome you and give you the best experience, from shopping to after-sales services.

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