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The New Ford F-150 Electric Truck; a grey F-150

The New Ford F-150 Electric Truck

The current electric vehicle market is shared among many manufacturers. It is increasingly necessary to stand out in terms of environmental responsibility in order to enjoy a good reputation as a manufacturer. Ford had been criticized several times; however, as promised, they've redeemed themselves: the ball is now rolling, and Ford is well on its way to electrifying its cars. They promise that by the end of 2022, no less than 6 different Ford models are expected in a new electric version. 

This is particularly the case for the popular Ford F-150 truck, with a new electric model expected in mid-2022. This is quite a feat, given the truck's reputation for ruggedness and power, but Ford is rising to the challenge and it promises to deliver. The electric F-150 is expected to offer even more power and make no compromises: skepticism is not an option.

Blainville Ford on the North Shore of Montreal near Laval, Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse and Saint-Jérôme will showcase the upcoming model's features.

The New Ford F-150 Electric Truck; a grey F-150

A New Era for the F-150

If Ford took a little longer than its rivals to embark on electrification, it's because it has the consumer at heart. Ford has taken the time to understand what consumers really want and has developed its science to deliver only the best. A rigorous series of tests, conducted under severe conditions, and extensive research have allowed Ford to develop cars that stand the test of time. The electric F-150 is no exception and will offer the same ruggedness and strength as its predecessor.

The engine will consist of two electric motors placed on each axle at the front. Less bulky than the old gasoline engine, this will allow the installation of a trunk at the front of the vehicle. Ford therefore promises even more interior cargo space thanks to its strategically-placed electric motors.

Aside from the space taken up by the engines, the main concern of consumers is, quite rightly, the power of the motor. There are no actual figures on this subject, but Ford is promising its most powerful F-150 to date. Based on the current 430 horsepower of the PowerBoost engine, we can anticipate that it will have tremendous horsepower. Ford even promises faster acceleration.

No need to worry about towing capacity and payload. The new truck is poised to offer impressive strength, just like the current gas-powered models. Ford therefore promises to preserve the truck's reputation as the ideal choice for workers, among others.

Workers will be very happy to learn that the powerful generator developed for the latest models will still be available. The Pro Power Onboard will continue to offer the electric power needed to operate various equipment and tools. Whether you're a construction site worker or an outdoor traveler, you'll find the generator to be very useful.

Since this is a new era for Ford, consumers can also expect more up-to-date technology. The details haven't been revealed yet, but the model promises to be cutting-edge.

While some vehicles may be priced lower than others, Ford guarantees that the cost of maintenance will be significantly reduced compared to gasoline-powered models. We're talking about 40% to 50% less than the usual cost, which means that in the medium and long term, the truck will pay for itself very quickly. It also requires fewer oil changes, and electric recharging is much less expensive than filling up a gasoline tank.

In short, Ford promises to turn a new leaf that will exceed expectations with its new line of electrified vehicles. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the new electric F-150, including statistics coming soon!

Blainville Ford: The Ultimate Dealer for Rugged Vehicles

Your North Shore dealer is proud to announce the imminent arrival of the first electric F-150. In the meantime, come and discover the F-150 Hybrid in 2021, which will delight you with its equally impressive features. The same goes for the new 2021 Mustang Mach-E 2021 available in dealerships now: enjoy the Ford electric experience! The Blainville Ford team will guide you toward the vehicle that's right for you, whatever your needs.

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