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Electric F-150 available for sale soon at Blainville Ford, new and used ford vehicles dealership in Saint-Jérôme and Boisbriand

Unusual fluctuations in the price of oil barrels and environmental concerns are pushing the automotive industry to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles that generate less greenhouse gas emissions.

This rather worrying environmental trend is forcing car manufacturers to do more to improve this situation. The American manufacturer Ford is asking its engineers to work hard to design hybrid and electric vehicles and to tap into opportunities that have never been exploited before.

Blainville Ford, your North Shore dealer par excellence, near Laval and just minutes away from Montreal, follows the latest trends in hybrid and electric mobility.

In fact, hybrid electric vehicles seem to be a viable, efficient and long-term solution. By combining an electric motor and a combustion engine for example, these vehicles have a high potential to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing their autonomy. Hybrid cars already show excellent results.

Thus, the new-generation of rechargeable electric vehicles, which are more recent than their non-rechargeable counterparts, distinguish themselves by the addition of an internal power sources that recharges the battery when the vehicle stops, thus reducing the discharge of the battery throughout the day. Ford offers a very complete range of hybrid vehicles, but also covets the side of electrification 2.0. Let's take a look at what the future market will offer for heavy-duty vehicles.

Ford Ingenuity put to the Task

There is no doubt that the American manufacturer Ford is pushing the ingenuity to the limit since it’s presenting us with several electric versions of the legendary F-150 truck. Yes, yes, you heard right. Ford plans to market an electric version of its famous F-150.

The architecture of electric vehicles is fairly simple. Electrical energy is provided by a battery that can power an electric motor with one or more power converters. This technology is currently used for small vehicles intended for travel in cities. Ford is interested in this technology and is now trying to use it on its F-150 trucks.

A team of experienced engineers toyed with the idea of putting an even more powerful battery with increased autonomy in these vehicles. Since the Ford F-150 is a powerful, high-performance truck, and the best seller in its category for more than 50 years, the challenge remains daunting to design an equally-enticing electric model for the customer. On the other hand, sustainable mobility is leading engineers to take an increasing interest in this option. "It's the future and you have to know how to use the roads of the future", said Ford's president.

Ford is innovative and follows the deep trends in environmental matters. The electric movement is on the move and with it new ideas are emerging everywhere on the planet. Ford surprises us again and again by pushing the trick this time in other segments, like SUVs and electric-powered trucks. Confident of winning with a larger vehicle, Ford launches into a virgin trail by betting on an electric F-150.

All Ford Power in Eco Mode

This truck, the best-selling of all time, is proof of the manufacturer’s ingenuity and will certainly attract environmentally-conscious consumers in a few years. Its configuration and Ford price are not yet defined, but the architecture takes shape and the American giant intends to surprise us with its high-performance electric propulsion. This remains the biggest challenge for engineers. Since the F-150 is a powerful vehicle, engineers need to find the right combination to make it electric. Ford has always been clairvoyant. He will surprise us once again.

Ford vehicles of tomorrow, Ford trucks, the Ford F-150 will be even more innovative, without losing their efficiency and power. This is also the motto in the factories of the manufacturer everywhere in the world. Your Ford dealer on the North Shore, Blainville Ford, has long offered unmatched prices, unparalleled service and an experienced team to advise you.

The American manufacturer is constantly improving. It seeks to embrace consumer trends and is deciding to market new hybrid and electric vehicles (Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, etc.). Its boldness led him this time to consider a yet unseen move, which is marketing in a segment still untapped by electrification: SUVs and trucks. The F-150 has been at the heart of the company's success for more than 50 years. His electrification is coming fast.

Electric F-150 available for sale soon at Blainville Ford, new and used Ford vehicles dealership in Saint-Jérôme and Boisbriand

Come to Blainville Ford, your dealer on the North Shore, near St-Jerome and just minutes away from Laval and Montreal, to talk about the future. Our representatives are waiting for you. You will also be able to test our hybrid and electric models already on the market. Book a test drive now is preparing for a greener, cleaner future in terms of sustainable mobility at the best price.

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