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blainville ford mache an
You've read the title correctly – no need to get your glasses. Inspired by its iconic model, American automaker Ford is launching its first 100% electric crossover, the lma Mustang Mach-E, a tribute to the Ford Mustang first produced in 1969. This electric vehicle will be almost just as powerful and high-performing as its gas-powered predecessors. Blainville Ford near Laval and Saint-Jérôme,...

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blainville ford f 150  comparaison ang
We often talk about the F-150 trucks and the GMC Sierra, and for good reason. They are two huge vehicles offering undeniable benefits. For those who are already diehard fans of these brands, it will be difficult to opt for the competitor, but for those who are at a crossroads and who want to make a wise choice, this article is for you. Blainville Ford on the North Shore, near Saint-Eustache,...

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blainville ford superduty en
  The title of this post may sound provocative, but you can’t deny how impressive the Ford 2020 F-Series Super Duty is and how much it stands out from the competition. With its wide and extended profile, it is made for heavy-duty work thanks to its flexibility, performance and durability.   Blainville Ford on the North Shore of Montreal, near Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse...

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blainville ford f 150 en
  When comparing two huge vehicles like the F-150 and the RAM 1500, we must first look at a few statistics to be able to get a good overview. In 2018 alone, nearly 146,000 F-Series units (F-150 + Super Duty) were sold in Canada, an impressive statistic for sure, but more remarkably this represents 58% more than the RAM 1500. It is through innovation that Ford maintains its position at the...

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blainville ford environnement en
  In 2017, the prestigious Ethisphere Institute, which year after year lists companies that have distinguished themselves in the fields of the environment and ecology, had Ford on its list of winners for its exceptional contribution to the field of environmental protection.   It was in the early 2000s that the American manufacturer resolutely embarked on the path of sustainable development....

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blainville ford vehicule certifie en
          You often have the impression that the purchase of a used vehicle can be the deal of the century for you and if it is true that you can buy any car from anyone, it is also important that you know that the purchase of a certified used vehicle will give you more bang for your buck.   At Blainville Ford on the North Shore, near Laval and only a few minutes...

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blainville ford mustang 2020 en
The 2020 Ford Mustang is just around the corner, and it promises performance and efficiency. Not only will it be sporty, it will literally transport you with its driving power. At Blainville Ford, your Ford Lanaudière dealership, the 2020 Mustang is already making headlines with its high-performance package. A Mustang for Thrill Seekers The 2020 Ford Mustang will be equipped with an EcoBoost...

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blainville ford escape 2020 en 2
The All-New 2020 Ford Escape: A Beauty!   It is breathtaking, sublime and bold. This is the all-new 2020 Ford Escape. Completely redesigned for you, this SUV will give you hours of fun. Ford engineers worked with intelligence and demonstrated their ability to see into the future. Indeed, this compact SUV with futuristic features and advanced safety features is the perfect SUV to give...

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blainville ford f 150 electrique en
Unusual fluctuations in the price of oil barrels and environmental concerns are pushing the automotive industry to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles that generate less greenhouse gas emissions. This rather worrying environmental trend is forcing car manufacturers to do more to improve this situation. The American manufacturer Ford is asking its engineers to work hard to design hybrid and electric...

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blainville ford blogue juillet avenir en 1
Ford: Here Comes the Future   Unless you just woke up from a deep coma, you already know that “green” vehicles (hybrid and electric cars) are not only increasingly popular, they threaten to replace regular vehicles in a not-so-distant future. Most car manufacturers started to adjust their roadmaps accordingly, but few of them demonstrated the same commitment as Ford. Remember a...

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blainville ford explorer 2020 en
If the title seems a bit over the top, it matches the reality. Indeed, the American manufacturer took 10 years to review thoroughly its Ford Explorer. This makeover has revolutionized this vehicle and changed it into an intermediate SUV, so no one will miss the next generation of the Ford Explorer for sale at Blainville Ford, your car dealer on the North Shore, near the...

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blainville ford blogue service en
It's not enough to drive a Ford model to convince yourself that you've made the right choice. At Blainville Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, we understand your needs, and that's why our technical service is driven by a simple motto: "When you take care of your car, it takes care of you". For us, this translates to an unparalleled quality service. Since we know your new...

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blainville ford blogue octobre f150 powerstroke en 1  1
The Ford F-150 Power Stroke Diesel 2018: New Model, Still Unbeatable   Buying a Ford F-150 is always a good deal. Whether you want one because you have a manual job that requires driving a truck that works as hard as you, or just because you like the proud look of this legendary truck, you'll never regret buying an F-150. The only question to ask yourself is which one to choose! This choice...

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blainville ford blogue septembre bronco en 1  1  1
The 2020 Ford Bronco: The Legend is Back!   Like most for-profit corporations, the thing that most car manufacturers dream about is a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. Ford is certainly lucky of being able to count on that since it decided to start to sell again a highly popular model, the Ford Bronco, purely because of popular demand. This vehicle that draws attention for all the good reasons...

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blainville ford blogue juin budget 2018 en
Choosing a car: shop with your brain   Purchasing a car often entails a strong emotional component, and even if there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited now and then, don’t let your emotions take the wheel and push you to make a bad decision. There are 2 main steps to complete before anything else and shockingly enough (not), they both happen North of your shoulders. Blainville...

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blainville ford blogue edge 2019 en 1
The 2019 Ford Edge: Another Head Turner   SUV attract a growing number or consumers, and it’s not a surprise: these exceptional vehicles go everywhere with us during our short and long trips, and no matter if we’re alone, with a couple of friends or with the whole family. Blainville Ford, your Ford car dealer located near Laval and Saint-Eustache, cant’ wait to show you the...

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blainville ford blogue fusion energi 2018 en 1  1
  The 2018 Ford Fusion Energi: Be Ready For Tomorrow   Hybrid vehicles are starting to get some form of recognition among the general public, and unlike what many still seem to think, they are not only for “the others”. In fact, everything seems to indicate that they will soon be the norm and not only the prerogative of a handful of eccentrics. The 2018 Ford Fusion Energi,...

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blainville ford blogue focus electrique 2018 en 1  2  1
  The 2018 Ford Focus Electric: the Small Urban Car That Makes a Lot of Sense   Just in case you didn’t notice, large vehicles equipped with gas or diesel engines are on their way out for at least two reasons: on the ecological side, they’re not an interesting option considering what our automotive technology is capable of producing, nowadays. On a purely practical point...

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blainville ford blogue fiesta 2018 en
The 2018 Ford Fiesta: when the size really doesn’t matter   Automotive manufacturers always put the spotlight on their performant and more expensive models even when they’re aware that very few people need (or can afford) to drive a high-powered car, expensive upfront, costly at the gas station and sometimes hard to park. If your need a car and you’re a student, a young worker...

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blainville ford blogue ranger 2019 en
  The 2019 Ford Ranger: a Highly Modern Truck Quebec and Canada are famous for their wide open spaces and winding roads. However, the most beautiful landscapes are sometimes in remote or wild places, so it’s necessary for the great adventurers to own a reliable truck. The 2019 Ford Ranger is without a doubt the vehicle you need since it has been built to face every condition. Blainville...

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blainville ford blogue escape 2018 modele retenir en
The 2018 Ford Escape: a model to remember   Car manufacturers who want to survive in the growing market of SUVs need to offer more and more to a growing customer base demanding. It goes without saying that you want a vehicle that is nice to look at, well equipped, which has enough space for the whole family, which is efficient and which sells a competitive price, the Ford Escape 2018 is without...

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blainville ford blogue ford explorer 2017 donne plus en
Ford Explorer 2017: the SUV that gives you the most Are you looking for a sport utility vehicle that really deserves this name and gives you more for your money? More power, more cargo space, more kilometers with a single full? Blainville Ford understands you and its wide selection of 2017 Explorer vehicles will meet all your expectations.   A difficult choice   You will be faced with...

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blainville ford 2000x345 caroussel3 en
BLAINVILLE FORD OFFERS YOU THE FORD BUSINESS PREFERRED NETWORK Blainville Ford is a member of Ford's Business Preferred Network, the largest support network focused on commercial transportation. Thanks to a complete lineup of commercial Ford products and services in Blainville, on the North-Shore of Montreal, Blainville Ford is able to satisfy the many different needs of our region's businesses. As...

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