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Certified pre-owned black Ford F-150 that drives on a street with trees in the back, near Blainville Ford.



You often have the impression that the purchase of a used vehicle can be the deal of the century for you and if it is true that you can buy any car from anyone, it is also important that you know that the purchase of a certified used vehicle will give you more bang for your buck.


At Blainville Ford on the North Shore, near Laval and only a few minutes away from Montreal and Sainte-Eustache, we have certified Fords in stock for you. The F-150 used Ford dealership by excellence in the entire region is Blainville Ford.


Why a Certified Used Vehicle?

Let’s say you’re looking for a used F-150, a truck that will back you up in your jobs, but you hesitate between buying from an individual or at the Ford dealership. Know that with Ford, your future F-150 truck will undergo a 172 point inspection, starting from the historic of the vehicle (NIV inspection, CARFAX report, repairs, etc.) to road tests (start-up, acceleration and deceleration of the F-150, remote engine starter system, engine sound, speed regulator, etc.) to the careful examination of the outside of the vehicle (outside panels, doors, hood, outside storage spaces, headlights, etc.) and the inside of the vehicle (airbags, heating/venting/A/C, interior commodities, seats, etc.)


This inspection in 172 points will not stop at this stage on your next F-150. We will quickly have tested the system module before going under the hood by checking the liquids, the engine, the cooling system, the power system and the electric system.


Since you’re looking for something solid, the inspection also takes into account what’s underneath the body, such as the frame, the exhaust system, the towing capacity, the transmission, the differential, the tires and the wheels and of course the brakes.


Since every detail is fine combed, we will ensure to give you lots and at the end of this inspection, we will hand you a document which authenticates this certification with the 172 point inspection. This detailed document constitutes the proof of the work accomplished on your truck and the Ford certification.


Even more awesome, the Ford garage in Blainville offers you a limited guarantee certified by the manufacturer (complete guarantee of 12 months or 20,000 kilometers), 24/7 free road assistance in Canada and the United States as well as numerous other advantages. Truly, the Ford quality used vehicle program eliminates any risk linked to the purchase of a used vehicle.


You want even more? At Blainville Ford we offer you a full tank of gas with the purchase of your used F-150 or any other used vehicle, new windshield wipers and clean filter and oil.


Since we also propose a great selection of used F-150, you will find the truck you need. Finding the perfect vehicle, it’s shopping for a certified used F-150 or any other used vehicle.


A Ford certified vehicle will therefore give you peace of mind on the whole line and you will take advantage from our beneficial financing programs and our incredibly low prices.


You now know the advantages of a certified Ford vehicle. Since you have the intention to acquire a used F-150, then the logical choice consists in you going to an experimented Ford dealership.



Red Ford F-150 with trailer parked in a residential street, in front of a house with grass, at Blainville Ford.



Why Blainville Ford?

This concession is ideally located at the heart of the Great region of Montreal on the North Shore in Blainville and working with you to find your dream F-150 has been our job for decades. The brands and models are abundant at Blainville Ford and our online inventory indicates well that this dealership possesses the whole range of certified Ford used vehicles on the market.


Blainville Ford will offer you an unforgettable experience and thanks to its experienced staff and a team of expert technicians, this Ford dealership has everything in hand to offer you the used vehicle by excellence. It is the perfect place to find certified used vehicles in the Great region of Montreal.


Since Blainville Ford near Laval, Saint-Jérôme, Sainte-Eustache and Montreal has been in business for so long, it has acquired an important credibility in the field of new and used vehicles. Come discover the whole range of Ford certified used vehicles at Blainville Ford today. We’re a step ahead on the competition, because for us the client deserves only what’s best.

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