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Know How to Disinfect Your Car with Blainville Ford

In these times of COVID-19, all precautionary measures are welcome, and they also affect the precautions we must take when we use our vehicles. Protecting ourselves from the coronavirus and disinfecting our cars becomes necessary to fight the pandemic.

Blainville Ford on the North Shore of Montreal, near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Jérôme, near Laval and just a few minutes from Montreal, has the well-being of its customers at heart, and informs you on the measures to be taken.

Protecting Against Coronavirus

Public health experts have put in place measures to protect us on a daily basis, such as washing our hands for 20 seconds several times a day, maintaining a social distance of two metres and avoiding leaving the house unnecessarily.

When it comes to caring for and disinfecting your car, the potential for unwanted interactions can be daunting, especially when certain cleaning ingredients can cause lasting damage to the materials that make up your cars interior. Thats why its important to choose the right cleaners.

First of all, the good news is that keeping your cars interior free of harmful viruses and other unwanted elements is actually quite simple if you follow a few guidelines. Since we are car geeks, an industry expert in cleaning chemistry recommends a number of simple actions that will save you a lot of trouble!

Basically, a good old soap. Soap interacts chemically with the virus surface in a way that degrades it very quickly and basically destroys the virus. It would therefore be a good way to disinfect the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

If youre used to an environment where the use of hand sanitizers is encouraged, it may seem counterintuitive, but while alcohol-based products like the Purell variety can do a great job of eliminating microbial threats, theyre not really of much use for car interiors.

Conveniently, soap is a key ingredient thats easy to obtaintraditional liquid hand or dish soap, for example. The trick is to avoid cleaners labelled as detergent-free.

If youre already a fan of car cleaning products, youre probably in good shape. Basic armour, all disinfectant wipes, for example, contain a mild detergent. For those with leather interior jaws, makeup remover wipes are an excellent solution. Skin care products usually contain moisturizers, which are good for organic trim materials. Unlike our skin, which has the ability to moisturize itself, the interior of your vehicle cannot.

Alcohol-based cleaners and detergents can dry out organic materials. In other words, if they leave your hands dry after use, they are likely to undermine the natural oils in your cars leather interior as well. If you dont have access to detergent-based cleaners that contain moisturizers, or if you plan to use an alcohol-based cleaner, you can mitigate the drying effects with leather conditioners. These will replenish the oils that your cleaning process has exhausted.

Also, leather conditioners usually contain surfactants, which are the chemicals that help cleaners do what they do. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it penetrate where it wouldnt otherwise. In other words, they make the water wetter.

In short, it is recommended to take the usual precautions with mild products. Dont skimp on cleaning your seats, dashboard, steering wheel, screens, interior and exterior handles, gear lever, plastic and leather surfaces, etc. Also remember to wash your hands afterwards. The asepsis of your vehicle will save you a lot of worries and it will only take a few moments.

Blainville Ford: An Ally in Every Way

Disinfecting your car has never been as easy as it is now. Dont waste your time, simple precautionary measures will save you a lot of trouble. Protecting yourself from coronavirus also affects the way you use and care for your vehicle.

Blainville Ford on the North Shore of Montreal does everything in its power to ensure the well-being of its customers, no matter what situations we may be facing.

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