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Technologies available on the new Ford Mustang Mach-e

Wireless Software Updates for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

We love the wireless, it saves us time and hassle. It delights technology enthusiasts yet it is also suitable for everyone these days. Car manufacturers are well aware of this and are adapting their models to the technological advances on the market. Electric vehicles with charging stations, for example, are no exception to the progress being made in the passenger compartment.

Blainville Ford on the North Shore is closely following the innovative ideas of the manufacturer with the blue oval, and this time presents you with the possibility of wireless software updates on the all-new Mustang Mach-E SUV.

Ford Goes Further and Offers Wireless Software Updates

These days, being connected goes far beyond infotainment and real time browsing. Wireless updates have become a must for most new vehicles. Ford has wisely included this seamless way to satisfy its customers with the all-new Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.

This technology is practically invisible. Owners will be able to choose a regular time for updates, such as midnight when the vehicle is plugged in and parked. Some of these updates will take no more than two minutes to complete.

John Vangelov, head of connected services at Ford, said the following about this: "The beauty of the Mustang Mach-E is that what our customers experience on the first day is just the beginning--it will evolve to add even more features and capabilities over time. Our intelligent live updates also minimize downtime with incredibly fast activation and ensure that your Mustang Mach-E keeps getting better, even while you sleep."

While updates to embedded technologies such as SYNC infotainment are welcome, it's the possibility of receiving performance enhancements that we're most excited about. Tesla started doing this years ago. Every update sparks interest and anticipation--and it's sure to be the same for owners and Mach-E enthusiasts alike.

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The first updates should come about six months after delivery of the first Mach-E's.

While the Ford Mach-E is based on the Mustang, the interior is quite different, except perhaps for the dashboard with its double hump typically borrowed from Ford's legendary coupe. There is a huge and obvious 15.6-inch vertical screen that contains a wealth of information on the type of driving, performance and power of the vehicle and much more. All relevant information is displayed on a blue background that gives the interior a sense of relief and allows you to easily access all the smart features. In contrast, the dashboard display is fairly minimalist, worthy of sports cars that demand more attention to the controls of the heated tilting steering wheel and its innovative features.

In terms of comfort, the Mach-E, which may seem low on the outside, offers plenty of room for both the driver and front and rear passengers with good legroom and headroom. The seats are ultra-comfortable and allow you to feel comfortable for long road trips.

The most spectacular element of this 100% electric SUV is without a doubt the value of its battery or batteries, since there are two types of batteries: 75 kWh with 258 horsepower and 99 kWh for 285 horsepower in the Rear-Wheel Drive version. In the All-Wheel Drive version of the Ford Mach-E, a 99 kWh battery will provide 337 horsepower, which is a spectacular advance in the electrification/power field.

In terms of battery range, extremely positive figures are already being reported for the European market, ranging from 420 km to 600 km for either the RWD or AWD version respectively (a few variants are to be expected on the North American market). The Mach-E SUV is a real revolution in the automotive market.

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